• Communications

  • Our communications infrastructure unit provides design, planning, implementation and maintenance across a number of areas including wireless, mobile, optical fibre and cat5 / 6 infrastructure.  Within this we carry out work on masts, buildings and other structures.  Working in partnership with our main sub-contractor, A Campbell Electrical Services Ltd (ACES), we predominately provide network management, diagnostics and investigation and project/ contract management, ensuring SLAs are met and stakeholder/ client relationships are nurtured and developed.

    OnTime carry out a wide range of IT & Comms works throughout the Western Isles.  We have a vast working knowledge on a range of systems including, servers, data switches, routers and firewalls, digital microwave radio equipment across various spectrum bands (2.4GHz to 60GHz), Optical fibre transmission equipment and cabling, Cat 5/ 6 cabling and Mobile network radio equipment.

    We have specific knowledge of Cisco switches, routers and firewalls, NEC, Westica, Alvarion, Cambian (formerly Motorola) and Ubiquiti microwave radio equipment and various UPS power systems such as Emerson, APC, Borri and Powerone.  We currently provide support to approximately 70 hilltop sites where we provide both reactive and proactive maintenance field support services.  Our employees are highly trained, certified/ licensed and their skills are updated and maintained on a regular basis.  Through the services we provide, we are very familiar with working to SLAs and thrive on the opportunities presented by the remote geographical challenges of the Western Isles.