• Workshop Repairs

  • We are based on Rigs Road in Stornoway. All are welcome to drop by our workshop if you are having problems with your desktop or Laptop and we can have a look at it for you.

  • Hard-drive Health Check

    We have specialist tools to check the health of hard drives and if needed we will advise if a replacement is needed and we can back-up the data and install a new hard drive with all your data as it was.

  • Malware & Virus Removal

    We can perform scans on your computer for Malware and Viruses, we can also install AVG Business on your PCs as we are a re-seller for AVG.

  • Hardware Diagnosis & Repair

    Regardless of the type of fault or failure, it's always worth getting it checked out, sometimes it can be quite minor.  We will always attempt to make the most cost effective repair.

  • Windows Re-Install

    If your PC is running slow, not starting or giving erros we can re-install Windows for you, backing up your data first so nothing is lost.

  • Apple

    We can repair Apple Computers, whether Macbook or iMac Desktops.

  • Data Recovery

    If you laptop or desktop has failed, we can attempt to recover the data, depending on what the failure is, will impact the recovery.